Versatile Shipping Options for Boats

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cruising on the water in a boat. When you work with us, transporting your boat can be almost as satisfying. That’s because we take the hassle out of shipping your boat, from anywhere in the US or Canada, to anywhere in the world.

Trailers, Cradles, and Containers

When it comes to global boat shipping, we offer various methods to accommodate your needs. Boats can be transported using a standard boat trailer or securely placed on a wooden cradle structure designed specifically for safe transportation without a trailer.

Boats on trailers are typically towed on and off the shipping vessel, and stored under deck, away from the elements.

Boats on cradles are placed on trailers called MAFIs, to be securely loaded on and off the vessels. This method is used primarily for boats that are too large to fit on conventional boat trailers.

Additionally, if your boat meets the dimensions of being under 7'8" in width, 8'8" in height, and 39'8" in length, it can also be shipped inside a shipping container.

We can also assist with transporting your boat from the dealership, auction, or marina, to the closest port for overseas shipping.

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