Cost-Saving Dismantling Services by Experts

At ROROQuotes, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and economical shipping solutions. That's why we offer professional dismantling and loading services to optimize your shipping options and help you save money. By dismantling certain machines, you can significantly reduce shipping costs without compromising the integrity of your asset.

Dismantling for RORO Shipping

When opting for RORO shipping, complete dismantling of your machine is typically not required. However, selectively dismantling specific components can effectively lower ocean freight expenses. For instance, removing the blade from the front of a bulldozer or the exhaust pipe above a truck's cab are common practices that contribute to cost reduction. These disassembled parts are securely shipped alongside the main unit of your machine, on the same vessel and at the same time.

RORO shipping costs are primarily based on the measurements of your asset, including its length, width, and height, which collectively determine its total volume. By reducing these measurements through strategic dismantling, you can achieve a decrease in overall shipping costs. Our experienced team will always provide guidance and explore such options whenever feasible.

Dismantling for Container Shipping

When it comes to container shipping, dismantling is sometimes necessary to ensure that your machine fits within the physical constraints of the container. Regardless of your machine's location in the US or Canada, we leverage our extensive network of dismantling partners to find the most cost-effective routing for your specific needs.

Rest assured, our team of professionals handles dismantling with utmost expertise, ensuring the safe and secure transport of your machinery. Upon arrival at your shipment's destination, we recommend engaging a service that specializes in reassembling machinery, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless reconstruction process.

While some machines may be too large for standard shipping containers, we strive to offer both options whenever possible, enabling you to make the most informed decision for your machinery shipment.

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