Special Projects

Tailored Solutions for Project Shipments

When it comes to shipping a substantial volume of goods, we excel in providing custom solutions that optimize both cost-effectiveness and timely delivery for your project.

Certain items surpass the dimensions suitable for shipping containers and are unsuitable for towing or driving. To address this, we offer a diverse range of options, including flat racks, MAFIs (Mafi trailers), and lift-on/lift-off services.

Customized Logistics

Regardless of your project's size, we possess the expertise to construct a customized solution that ensures swift and economical handling of your shipment, and covers all of the portions of your transportation needs.

Through our extensive network of ground transporters, dismantling and loading facilities, port services, and ocean freight providers, we possess the capability to manage shipments of any magnitude to any destination.

Our special pricing for large-scale shipments is tailored to account for the volume of your project, allowing us to offer you the most competitive rates and schedules to suit your specific project requirements.

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