US Customs

Compliance With All Customs Regulations

Our comprehensive booking covers all the necessary steps for hassle-free US Customs approval. When it comes to exporting self-propelled and driveable cargo like machinery, trucks, and cars, obtaining approval from US Customs and Border Protection is essential. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to expediting the approval process for your shipment.

When you ship with us, your booking automatically includes export documentation and US Customs clearance, completely free of charge. By choosing to ship with us, you benefit from our expertise in guiding you through the Customs clearance procedure, providing you with clear instructions tailored to the specific port of loading for your shipment.

Customs Guidelines

Each port has its unique Customs clearance requirements, and our team is here to simplify the process on your behalf. To ensure a smooth Customs clearance experience, keep in mind these general guidelines provided by US Customs:

● Original ownership documents are required; copies are not acceptable.

● Original titles or notarized commercial invoices can serve as ownership documents.

● The items must be fully paid for, with no outstanding liens, to be eligible for export approval.

● All documents will be promptly returned to you after the processing is complete.

● For vehicles originating from Canada, original registrations are used instead of titles.

● Depending on the routing of your shipment, you may need to deliver documents to the port along with your cargo or send the original ownership documentation to our offices for processing.

Regardless of the requirements, rest assured that all documents will be returned to you once the US Customs clearance process is finalized.

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