Cargo Prep

Effective Planning to Ensure A Smooth Shipping Process

We understand the importance of a seamless shipping experience for your large assets. That's why we offer comprehensive cargo preparation services to ensure a smooth journey. From pressure washing and repairs to fumigation and inspections, we can arrange all necessary measures based on your specific requirements.

Thorough Pressure Washing

To meet the stringent cleanliness standards for shipping machinery, trucks, boats, and more on RORO vessels, we can arrange professional pressure washing. Whether it's at the pickup location or during transit to the port of loading, our team will ensure your asset is thoroughly cleaned, free from dirt and debris. This proactive step helps prevent delays and additional costs at the port.

Efficient Repairs

We understand that large assets may encounter mechanical issues, ranging from minor leaks to more complex structural problems. Rest assured, we can coordinate repairs to facilitate the smooth shipment of your asset. Whether repairs are needed at the origin of your shipment or at the port of loading, our team is equipped to handle the necessary arrangements.

Compliant Fumigation

Certain countries, such as Chile and Australia, have regulations requiring fumigation of imported cargo to mitigate the risk of harmful insects. At ShipAll, we can arrange fumigation for your assets before they depart from the port of loading. Additionally, we provide fumigation certificates to ensure a hassle-free importation process.

Thorough Inspections

Purchasing assets from overseas can be challenging, especially when you are unable to physically inspect them before making a decision. That's why we offer inspection services for a wide range of assets, including machinery, automobiles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and more. Our premium physical inspection service includes detailed photographs and a comprehensive inspection report, enabling you to make informed purchasing decisions with confidence.

Our mission is to simplify the shipping process for large assets worldwide. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to fulfill that mission. For more information about the additional services we provide, please reach out to us anytime!

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