Special Equipment

Custom Solutions for Your Assets

We understand that certain items exceed the dimensions of standard shipping containers and cannot be easily transported on RORO vessels. To address this challenge, we offer a diverse range of custom equipment options, including flat racks, open top containers, and MAFIs. 

With our extensive network of ground transporters, dismantling and loading facilities, port services, and ocean freight providers, we possess the capabilities to handle shipments of any size to any destination. 

Our special pricing for large-scale projects takes into account the volume of your shipment, ensuring that we provide you with the most competitive rates and schedules tailored to your project's requirements.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, we can design a customized solution to efficiently and cost-effectively handle your shipment.

Flat Racks

Our specialized container equipment includes flat racks, which feature a flat platform without walls or a top. Flat racks are loaded onto container shipping vessels and are ideal for accommodating cargo that exceeds the width of a standard container while still adhering to weight limitations.

Open Top Containers

We also provide open top containers, which lack a fixed top and allow cargo to be loaded and unloaded through the spacious opening at the top. Unlike enclosed containers that require cargo to enter through the doors, open top containers are suitable for transporting heavy or oversized cargo that cannot be accommodated within the confines of traditional containers.


For large and immobile cargo that cannot be towed or driven, we offer MAFIs, mobile platforms specifically designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of such assets onto RORO vessels. When conventional container vessels are unable to handle the weight or dimensions of your shipment, utilizing a MAFI becomes an optimal solution. Upon delivery to the port, the asset is safely unloaded from the truck and securely positioned on the MAFI platform for subsequent loading onto the vessel.

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